Why Choose WOW TRK?

New affiliate networks are starting up constantly, however there are constant stories about affiliate networks closing and running into financial trouble.

So why choose WOW TRK? Maybe more importantly, why trust WOW TRK?


  • Our standard payment terms are NET-30, not the fastest available but its a payment period we can meet.
  • We didn’t start up last week – we have been around since 2007.
  • Over 500 quality offers live on the network. Quality is key, many networks claim to have thousands of offers – however you find offers not working, not tracking or low payouts.
  • Easily find out the newest and top performing offers on the network.
  • 3% commission on all affiliate referrals, for life. Not just for a few months or a year like many networks.
  • Earn just £25+ to get paid. We have a range of ways you can be paid.
  • Don’t bank in the UK? For affiliates in the US, Australia and over 30 other countries we send a local bank transfer in your local currency using TransferWise, this usually means no fees for receiving the payment. We also use the mid-market exchange rate at the time of payment.
  • We group the same offer in multiple countries. For example, if you send traffic to Free Choice AU, but you get visitors from New Zealand, we will automatically send them to your affiliate link for Free Choice NZ.


  • We understand there are many networks to choose from, that is why we offer no setup or monthly fees. Just a 25% override fee per conversion.
  • Your own Account Manager to assist you and resolve any concerns you might have.
  • Over 10,000 affiliates registered to promote your offers.
  • Simple invoices, with credit terms and easy online payment.
  • Different traffic. We actively try to recruit new affiliates to the industry. We also offer unique tools and services for affiliates, which attracts affiliates that might not use other networks.
  • Custom built fraud detection platform, WOW DETECT. We built WOW DETECT to offer a superior fraud detection platform than other networks and to increase the ROI for our advertisers.
  • We have global traffic, which can be restricted easily by country, county/state and device.
  • WOW TRK uses Lashback’s global email compliance technology, this monitors millions of emails a day and tracks any related to WOW TRK offers so our compliance team can review them for potential compliance issues.

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