Targeted Leads

Joining a network like WOW TRK ensures you are receiving the very best in targeted leads. As an Advertiser, we’re sure you know your target audience very well, including some of the best methods for reaching them online. For example, if you are trying to reach an audience of young adults, then social media marketing might play an important part of an Affiliate’s strategy. If your Affiliate programme is centred around mobile app downloads, then device targeting is going to be very important.

When setting up an Affiliate programme on our network, we will ask you to specify which targeting methods you will allow for your brand, as well as which ones you are not interested in. It’s also vital to give as much information about the typical demographics of your target audience. Providing this information helps Affiliates decide which promotional activities to pursue and how to communicate their marketing message in order to provide a higher quality of leads.

There are many different ways that our Affiliate base can promote your offer in order to deliver the leads that are most relevant for your business.

Here are some common ones:

Email Marketing
Many Affiliates carry out email marketing to a list of opted-in subscribers, who they contact on a regular basis with relevant content.. The large variety of Affiliates on WOW TRK means that as an Advertiser on the network, you have access to active email readers through our Affiliate base.

Display Marketing
This targeting method allows Affiliates to promote your offer on their website in the form of promotional links and banners. This can be very beneficial when your brand is placed on a website with a high volume of targeted traffic, as a result of the Affiliate’s efforts in SEO, PPC or other traffic methods. This also allows for geo-targeting based on the location of the visitor, so that country-specific content is displayed for each different location.

Social Media Marketing
Affiliates with a strong social community have access to a wide number of people who are engaged with their brand. Social promotion, including paid social advertising, can greatly increase your brand awareness and therefore drive more leads.

If you would like to discuss which traffic sources would be best for your brand, or you would like more information about the different ways WOW TRK Affiliates can deliver targeted leads, please get in touch with one of the team and we will be happy to help.