Finance & Insurance Affiliate Networks

Money tends to beget even more money and this is perhaps why working with finance affiliate networks continues to be one of the most lucrative industry verticals on the Internet today. Regardless of an individual’s personal interests, issues related to money will always be relevant. As an affiliate marketer, this represents a huge opportunity across a broad range of demographics.

People who are struggling to keep up with their monthly bills, for instance, may be interested in learning more about payday loans to get them through rough circumstances. Well-written and well-researched articles that talk about the best payday loan providers, with links to active affiliate offers strategically inserted, can be very useful to these readers and very profitable for the publisher.

More and more Internet users are reading about finance online, taking matters into their own hands, and these types of articles can demystify everything from debt management and credit scores.

Make Money From Finance Brokering

As one of the top insurance affiliate networks, WOW TRK also features a number of offers that promote insurance online, particularly in the context of insurance traders and brokers.

While debt consolidation and cash loans are more applicable to people who have fallen on hard times, people who have had greater fortune want to protect what they have earned. By offering useful information about insurance coverage from different providers in different areas, you can offer an invaluable service to these readers and reap the financial rewards by working with great insurance affiliate networks like WOW TRK.

As an affiliate, you can earn a commission every time one of your website visitors simply applies for a loan or requests a quote for insurance. This is huge for affiliates, because it means that the task does not fall on you to pre-qualify the applicants. Instead, your goal is to attract people who are interested in loans, insurance and other financial products in the first place, driving them toward the products and services that are most applicable to their specific situation. Other offers may require the referred visitor to secure the loan or to sign up for an insurance policy and the payout level would reflect this.

A big part of the key here is that your website visitors and social media followers are looking to you for advice as a trusted source of wisdom. They could do some research and search for more information about insurance online, but they simply may not have the time or patience to do so. When you take on the role as an expert insurance broker, in this context, you point them toward the best deal and the best arrangement.

That’s more in relation to content marketing, but promoting these types of offers can take on a wide range of different forms and is limited only by your imagination and online business acumen.

The Best Insurance Is…

It has often been said that the banking industry is one of the most profitable in the world, simply working to move money from one source to another in an endless exchange that generates profit for everyone involved in the chain. What this also means is that there is fierce competition between the financial institutions to attract customers and this has resulted in very high payouts for insurance and finance affiliate networks.

WOW TRK continues to be an industry leader among affiliate networks in the finance and insurance space for several reasons. When you sign up as an affiliate, you gain access to tremendously lucrative offers from trusted brands, as well as the support and assistance that you desire from a dedicated account manager committed to your success.

  • Mobile friendly offers capitalize on a growing market
  • Fresh and exclusive offers from great brands to promote
  • Dedicated account managers to help maximize your success
  • Real-time analytics mean you’re not waiting for yesterday’s stats
  • Sort top offers by earnings per click (EPC) or conversion rate (CR)

With a myriad of offers related to nearly every sub-niche of finance and insurance being updated or added regularly, WOW TRK is a premiere choice for affiliate marketers interested in earning large commissions promoting relevant offers in this industry vertical. Payday loans can result in substantial paydays for affiliates too. And more money in the bank is a great form of insurance.