Fraud & Compliance

WOW TRK provides advanced fraud detection and compliance to all our advertisers. We have developed our own custom built fraud detection platform, WOW DETECT. Our fraud detection platform monitors all affiliates activity 24/7.

Automatic checks

Risk scores

Monitoring of Sub affiliates

Duplicate Conversions

Incentive Traffic

Proxy IP's

Invalid Browsers

and much more...

Fraud Detection - powered by WOW DETECT

WOW DETECT monitors thousands of conversions through our network every day and analyses a range of data points across the affiliates conversions to identify and flag fraudulent activity for review by our team.

Industry Leading Tracking

We use the HasOffers tracking platform to reliably track clicks, impressions and conversions for your advertising campaign. Ensuring you are billed for the correct amount of conversions delivered.

Join WOW TRK as an Advertiser

Join WOW TRK instantly, it only takes a minute to create an account. WOW DETECT is active across the whole WOW TRK network, your offers are automatically monitored by our fraud detection platform at no cost to you. Also don't forget you only pay on a performance basis for traffic we deliver, we charge no fixed fees.